Cyber-Proof Design-Nuclear Power Plant – G&M Tex Ltd


Cyber-Proof Design


We are always looking to the future both with our business prospects and our design technology. However, we must also carry forward experience from previous projects. That statement is particularly true of one unique 2018 generator.

We were contacted directly by our Customer due to their trust in our ability to create a retro-style generator. The brief was to manufacture a zero-technology unit with no ‘Smart’ technology, no digital signals, no microprocessor controls and no electronic engine management. Simply put, there were no gizmos or gadgets and nothing at all which can be tweaked.

Why would we ignore current technology for this project?

As a critical back-up power supply for a Nuclear Power plant, our product had to be 100% cyber proof. A 21st-century nuclear power facility supported by 20th-century design.