Due to our extensive experience in the marine and industrial sectors, we can translate these skills seamlessly to the offshore region of generators.

We design and manufacture bespoke generators for offshore environments such as floating docks, oil and gas platforms, windfarms and many other projects in this sector. Our generators are provided for base load power, emergency/standby power.

Generators are supplied in single or multiple configurations and are custom designed:

  • Flue systems/emission controls
  • Attenuation/ventilation
  • Fuel management/distribution
  • Cooling/heat dissipation
  • Control systems/associated switch gear
  • Weatherproof/acoustic/containers (fixed or mobile)


  • Individual and multiple set systems
  • Engine driven/electrically driven radiator/remote cooled options
  • Internal acoustic enclosures – kit form and packaged
  • External weatherproof/acoustic enclosures/containers to DNV 2.7.1
  • Fire suppression systems (mist/gas)
  • Vibration control
  • Control panels
  • Synchronising/distribution switchboards
  • Fuel management/containment
  • Motorised/fire/gas retention dampers
  • Reduction in exhaust gas emissions and particulates