Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...
Our in-house test facilities allow us to test any generating sets to the highest possible standards for marine, industrial and offshore
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Standards, Inspections & Testing

Our Testing Facilities

Our high standards start with our designs, continue through our production processes and are proven by our rigorous testing regimes. No product leaves G&M HQ without first meeting either customer specified testing, certification society testing or our own test regimes. Constantly aware that many of our products are life critical, no corner is cut during these processes. 

Tests can be carried out at unity or lagging power factors and can include complete transient load test analysis and results when necessary. We are fully registered as an approved supplier on the UK Utilities Vendor Database for a full range of product/service categories.

In-house test facilities:

Resistive/reactive load banks to 3300kWe (4125kVA) 

380V to 690V capability

50Hz or 60Hz frequencies

Vibration/accelerometer/thermal imaging testing

Various engine cooling configurations are catered for including radiator cooled, keel or box cooled via custom made test rigs, and heat exchanger cooled via water tank and cooling towers

HV testing, EMC analysis and shock testing are also available for military, commercial and seismic considerations


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