“Digital Self Monitoring And Remote Technology.” d-SMART  is not a product – it is a control protocol which can be adapted by our Electrical Designers to suit individual Customer requirements. It can be based on a variety of processors e.g. ComAp, Deif, Deep Sea and so forth. It can be designed to offer any of the following services:

Control, monitoring and reporting on all the essential generator functions

Harbour Mode (safety enabled) and Emergency Mode (safety disabled)

Full capability to interface with CanBus enabled prime movers

Performance History Logging

Fault Diagnostics

Intuitive Engine Interrogation

LCD Scrolling Screen Displays

RS232/RS485 Protocols including ModBus

Ethernet Capability over secure Networks

Download our Typical classed and un-classed marine specifications here:

Typical Un-Classed d-SMART Sales Specification 2019

Typlical Full Class d-SMART Sales Specification 2019