Our brand new manufacturing facility was completed in January 2017 and is fully up and running!

Our fantastic new home offers increased capacity, more efficient working space. It accommodates all of the facilities we had before, plus ones to enable us to run with current product trends.

This is allowing us to work more efficiently with an even higher quality, so it has been a revolutionary refurbishment for us. Here are a few of the things which we have benefitted from since:

  • Increased fabrication capacity to 5 tonnes per piece
  • Upgraded test capability to 4500kwe (5625kVA)
  • Enhanced test equipment for variable speed generators
  • Easier testing for Diesel Electric Propulsion Generators
  • Improved air flow for testing Radiator cooled sets >1.5mVA
  • Increased handling capacity to 40 tonnes
  • Packaging of Medium Speed Generators
  • Test capability for Natural Gas and Dual Fuel engines
  • More efficient Paint Shop access for larger items